Gyad, I hate it when you find a really awesome job placement but they can only offer part-time hours. I’m currently doing part-time but I’m going to ask for a raise soon.

Yeah, it sucks because it would have been fun. But I wouldn’t be making the kind of money I am going to be making in my new job, and I feel more comfortable quitting this one to go back to the UK (I have to return for a few months to put through my partner visa application.) There are other employees on the same visa as me, so they know the score. And I overheard two people discussing when another person was gonna return to work for them, she was in a similar situation to me in her home country getting her next visa.

I just want something that pays the bills, with a bit left over to put aside. This one has the added bonus of giving me plenty of transferable skills, too :)

guuuuuuurl, also dat necklace

It’s from Forever New!

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One was a membership sales job for a hotel group loyalty scheme that gives discounts and special offers on luxury accommodation. It was appealing because the location was perfect and the people there were excited to have me on board, but the training period was too long and I wouldn’t be starting until August.

The other was in a shop selling this gorgeous stationery I already love, but they could only offer me part-time hours. They did say they loved me at interview, so if I quit this new job or need something when I come back from the UK next year, I’ll talk to them again.

The job I have chosen is further away, but the people I’m working with are all lovely and it’s full-time with various bonus incentives on top of my base pay. They’re also completely okay with me only working there for a few months as I will probably be going back to the UK around October/November for a while. If I enjoy the job, I can go back to it after I return while I look for something more career-focused. So it’s the wiser choice out of the three!

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve interviewed for three jobs. I found myself juggling three offers this afternoon. It was a hard choice! Starting my new job on Monday :D


I wish that any time someone said “I wish I had a British accent” would instantly get stuck with a very strong Yorkshire, Geordie or Liverpudlian accent

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First things first


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ugh people do the same fucking thing about australia but this country is goddamn shambles

like. there was still slavery in canada. there are still active KKK groups too. and i may not know that much about australia but i know that indigenous australians were, are, and most likely will continue to be treated like shit so it’s like. people need to do their research

It’s very apparent how marginalised indigenous Australians and Pacific / Torres Strait islanders are, too. I live in a suburb with a large indigenous population and see them around a lot. There is an immediate sense of the difference in quality of life and social issues.

Race relations here are decidedly tense, very distinct from what I’m used to in my country of origin. With how right-wing the political climate is right now, I am concerned for the welfare of indigenous people.

are you seriously wearing a hijab in that picture??? talk about cultural appropriation you dumb ass white girl unfollowed


i just got my wisdom teeth removed this morning and the thing wrapped around my head is a big ice pack to keep the swelling down