"what’s your favorite game?"


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"I am so sorry to all the people I hurt while I was hurting."

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If that’s the case I’m glad, but I have come across people who do behave that way and do mean what they’re saying. Tone doesn’t translate well online.

Either way, have a good one.

I was just being facetious because I didn’t feel like discussing it, I don’t do much arguing on Tumblr these days because I’d frankly rather do something else

so I just had a bit of a joke about it

it’s all good :)

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My boyfriend is sick and my #1 concern is not catching his lurgy because I don’t want to travel for +/- 24 hours next week while feeling like death. I’m such a selfish bitch LOL.


I think we’ve established no one here really cares about my beauty box reviews, but I like to have them for personal reference. :D

If you remember, I’d unsubscribed from Lust Have It! but then they sent me an email asking me to rejoin for just $7.95. Bearing in mind it was their birthday month in August and the products were likely to be good, I gave in. I did unsubscribe afterwards, but only because I’m moving back to the UK soon.

I gotta say, it was $7.95 well spent. August was an awesome month for LHI!



Product sizes abbreviated as follows:

[FS] - full size

[DS] - deluxe sample (larger than ordinary sample size)

[SS] - sample size (usually a sachet, good for 1-2 tries)

  • [FS] BioElixia Body Shaper Stretch Mark Diminishing Creme, RRP $39
  • [FS] Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment, RRP $24.95
  • [FS] Essenzza Fuss Free Naturals Facial Cleansing Wipes in Cleanse + Moisturise, RRP $6.95 (plus a mini wipes pack, valued at $2.50)
  • [FS] Marsk Eyeshadow Brush Pro-Line, RRP $28.95
  • [DS] Bioderma Crealine H2O, RRP $29.99

There were a bunch of vouchers and promotions included as well, which I probably won’t use… but no harm done. :)

Favourite item: The Miracle Hair Treatment from Eleven Australia was a surprising hit. I already have a set of favourite haircare products, but this blew my existing leave-in treatment right out of the water! The coconut scent is heavenly and reminds me of resort holidays (I kept making my boyfriend smell my hair the first time I tried it.)

Least favourite item: So the BioElixia cream is an interesting product for sure, but not really something I need personally. I’ll probably give this to a friend who’s more conscious of their stretch marks.

First impressions: If I weren’t going back to England, I would have kept my renewed subscription. $7.95 was an amazing offer to retry the service, but I would have gladly paid the usual $19.95 for this great-value bag o’ goodies.


The theme for August was ‘Sport Your Style.’ Nothing about this box really struck me as “sporty,” but whatever…


  • [FS] Nak Hair Colour Fix, RRP $13.95
  • [DS] Nak Hair Aroma Oil, RRP $24.95
  • [FS] Natralus NatraSan Hand Sanitiser Spray with Vitamin E + Jojoba, RRP $4.49
  • [FS] Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in Pinkalicious, RRP $5.95
  • [FS] Designer Brands Eyeliner with Sharpener in Malachite, RRP $29.99 (not shown)
  • [SS] Palmer’s Cocoa Body Butter, RRP $9.99

Favourite item: The Maybelline nail polish… I guess…? It’s a thoroughly mediocre product (it chipped within 24 hours and the formula was watery) and the colour is too similar to what I already have. But I always like trying out polish, and hadn’t used the Color Show range before.

Least favourite item: Designer Brands has failed to impress in previous BB instalments, and this cheap-looking eyeliner pencil is no exception. I’d feel embarrassed even giving this away.

First impressions: In case it wasn’t painfully obvious, I was not happy with BB's August box. If it were not for the fact the birthday box comes out in October, I would have unsubscribed right then and there when opening this half-arsed disappointment. Nothing about this box excited me at all, and aside from the Nak Hair items (just one of those would’ve been enough!) everything else is cheap and boring. I pay for a beauty box subscription, not the contents of the bargain bin at my local pharmacy. BB had better step it up for September - this was the first box that I had absolutely nothing good to say about, and I’m actually offended they thought I’d be impressed with this.


Are you having a bad day? I’m asking that honestly. I just criticized OP and pointed out flawed logic. That’s not logic policing it’s being someone who cares about feminism and social issues. It’s not something to get upset about. Like, honestly, you seem to be taking it personally and as an insult rather than taking it to learn and grow as a person.

Either way I’m sorry I’ve offended you and I hope you feel better.

my day is going fine o_O I think you overestimate the importance of this conversation, I’m just kidding around

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Did I say there can’t be?

That doesn’t mean all interpretations are correct. Your interpretation of what I said was factually incorrect. And the interpretation OP made was logically flawed. 

So I really fail to see your point.

schooled by the logic police again :(

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I didn’t say you have no logic. Just that in this case, the logic isn’t quite there because it’s not really in any way trying to make women’s issues about men.

it’s almost like things can be interpreted in different ways

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